“One day, I woke up different. I was done with trying to figure out whom I was, treading water, walking a line because I didn’t have the courage to create a new path for myself.

I was done with anything that didn’t bring me peace. I realized the opinions of others reflected their own world, not my own. Validation was for parking, loyalty wasn’t a word but a lifestyle.

That was the day my life changed. And not because of a person or job, but because I realized that my life was too short to leave the key to my happiness in someone else’s pocket. I could forge my own.” – Dr. K

These courses, webinars, and lectures are not just my life, but a part of myself I hope helps others improve their lives in some way. I want each of you to feel the vibration of your own energy, relish in it, and not just enjoy it but GROW from it. You aren't alone, your dreams aren't crazy, and yes.. you are VALID.

My approach to my coaching and consulting sessions is holistic at its core. Whether I am working with a client as a Holistic Sex & Intimacy Educator, Empowerment Coach, Business Consultant, or Instructor, every aspect of a person’s life is addressed. We don’t go to work with only part of ourselves… we show up as a whole person, so the needs of the whole person must be nurtured. - Dr. K